Top 3 Tips To Getting A Job In England

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Getting a job in England can be very rewarding. Although the job market currently isn’t in the best shape, there are always opportunities for those looking to work hard. However, in order to find work, you will have to understand the best way of getting a visa, and how to negotiate different immigration positions, while being careful about not getting caught up in a scam. Many people come to England looking for work, and might even get through without a fully legal visa. Avoid anything that seems too good to be true, and think carefully before making a move. Further advice is outlined below:

1 - What Kind of Work

In terms of the kind of work that you target, there’s a divide between highly skilled jobs that tend to receive special visas, and more migrant work and part time positions. Skilled workers can mean everything from someone that has a special ability, and can contribute something tangible to British society, through to someone that a British company is willing to sponsor in order to receive a working visa.

Others secure temporary visas until they can get regular work and apply for a work permit. Student visas are also often used to get longer term visas while looking for work. Another option that is particularly attractive for younger migrants is an au pair scheme, which is typically open to those under 30 that want to live with a British family and gain experience that they can use towards a future work permit.

2 - Getting a Visa

Whether or not you get a visa will come down to whether you are based in the EU or outside the EU. Movement between EU countries is much easier, although skilled workers tend to receive longer visas and work permits. The UK Border Agency works on a points based system that indicates value, and breaks down the employment category of different people.

Those from outside the EU can apply for a visa, but may be limited to 6 months, and will be under more scrutiny to not break the terms of their visa. Other options include applying for a Youth Mobility Visa, which can result in an au pair or school placement, or a UK Ancestry Visa, which can allow for a longer work visa.

3 - Immigration and Safety

Immigration rules for the UK are getting tighter under the current Conservative Government. As a result, the points system is becoming much less sympathetic towards those that do not have consistent work or a sponsor to maintain their work permits. New legislation is also set to restrict immigrants earning under £18,600 a year from bringing over spouses and children, while similar restrictions are being placed on elderly relatives. Medical cover is also often required on top of NHS eligibility, with migrants from new EU countries like Bulgaria and Romania particularly needing Comprehensive Sickness Insurance.

4 - Problems and Changes

If you do receive work in the UK, you may have to apply for an extended stay, or to transfer a visa from an old to a new passport. As long as you have work and a sponsor, you will likely have a good case to extend a permit unless you haven’t been involved in criminal activity. In some cases, a biometric residence permit will be issued to prevent you from breaking the terms of your visa. Advice on any changes and problems with work that might threaten the terms of your visa can be found at the British Home Office, and Citizen Advice centres.

5 - Caution

Be aware of the penalties for criminal violations of a visa, which can include a permanent deportation order and an inability to return to England and the UK. Moreover, make sure that you do not get drawn into scams that offer to produce visas for you, or that offer British citizenship for a price. Marriages for British nationality are punishable in court, so make sure that you go through an Embassy and proper channels for any application.

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