Manage your money while in college

by Saurav Sharma

Most students are simply relying on their allowances to save money for their future. A lot of people seem to look at it as super easy but it isn’t. You have a lot of things to spend at and sometimes you won’t even notice that you’re money is already gone. But with the right ways and tip, you will be able to do it. Just do it with discipline and a little effort.

  • Even if your parents are the ones who support you in college. It doesn’t mean that you can just spend your money like you’re never going to run of it. Try to keep a budget of your expenses and stay with it. List all of them down and subtract it from your monthly allowance or income, if your expenses are less than your income, then you’re all good for the month.
  • Getting a student job will definitely help you save and pay for your finances even while you’re still in college. If you have one, then you better not spend all your income for partying or shopping. It is actually okay to treat yourself every once in a while but if it can wait, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. If you happen to have a credit then you’ll be boosting it as well. It will also give you a longer credit history. And if you pay your bills regularly, then you’ll have a better credit score in the future too.
  • Let’s face it. College doesn’t come cheap and money does not grow on trees. You have to find a way to pay for your tuition right? If you are planning to apply for a student loan you have to be sure with the amount you are going to borrow. How much are you really going to need? Make sure you computer everything first and that you don’t go overboard with the loan.
  • Credit card may either help you in college, or it may wreak havoc in your life. It depends on how you take care of it. But a credit card can really help you in the future. You just have to monitor your credit score and check it regularly and make sure that all of it is intact. There should be no errors, and you should pay all your bills regularly. Don’t ever exceed its limit and stay below at around 30%.

A little discipline and some effort will go a long way. Follow these tips and you’ll be saving money easily. You’ll be financially responsible in no time and you’ll be enjoying your college life as well.

This post was written by Saurav Sharma

Saurav sharma is a financial blogger and love to share interesting financial stuff on the web. He is very enthusiastic to acquire and to share the knowledge about finance , business strategy, credit report etc.

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