What To Expect When You Transfer to A Christian College

by Karen Falgore

A Christian college is a viable option for many community college students looking to transfer. Christian colleges are uniquely able to provide intellectual and spiritual support for their students while they take on the challenges of higher education – which is something that a traditional school simply cannot do. While an accredited Christian-focused school can provide the same level of education as a traditional university, it can also offer some experiences that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Everyone has some notion of what to expect from a normal college experience. We have been preconditioned by movies and TV shows for years with these expectations. It’s harder to know exactly what to expect from Christian colleges, though, because they are often confused with seminaries or Bible colleges. There are a lot of great experiences waiting at these schools though. And if you just go into it with the right expectations, you can come back out ready to face the world.

A Quality Education

An accredited Christian college will live up to the academic standards that you need, but there are a few added benefits to choosing this path instead of a traditional university. In general, most Christian colleges and universities are a little smaller than the traditional schools, which means you will have the opportunity to receive more personal support from dedicated educators.

The professors and teachers that choose to work at Christian colleges understand what kind of environment they are trying to create, and their curriculum is going to be influenced by their principles. This often means that they are more interested in helping their students grow rather than advancing their own standing in the academic community.

A Familiar Community

College life is one of those things that frighten parents and attract teenagers. Unfortunately, it is also something that can be a huge shock for new students, and many of them get lost in an unfamiliar environment that doesn’t seem to care about their opinions or beliefs.

Christian colleges are specifically focused on providing a caring atmosphere that supports rather than tears down those dearly-held beliefs, and creates a situation where students can express those beliefs and talk openly about them with friends who share the same background and faith.

Positive Fun

Going to a Christian university does have the stigma of being “not fun.” After all, you won’t be doing all those things that we’ve seen in the movies so many times, so how could it be? But the truth is that at many of these schools there are a wide range of planned extracurricular activities that focus on positive peer interaction and faith-building experiences.

Spiritual Direction and Accountability

The college years are an extremely important time, and these developmental and formative experiences will last a lifetime. Most Christian colleges will expect you to live up to your spiritual and moral commitments, but they will also provide the kind support you need to do this (as well as give you opportunities to offer that same kind of support to someone else).

Is It For You?

If you feel a real college experience just won’t be complete without the fraternity parties, football games, and general anonymity, then Christian colleges probably aren’t for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an experience that is both intellectually and spiritually challenging in an environment that is focused on the same principles of faith that you have always known, then it may be something to consider.

This post was written by Karen Falgore

Karen works as the Online Ambassador for Liberty University Online, a Christian university that offers online bachelors and online masters programs in a faith-based environment. During the evening hours her interests lie in freelance writing, the occasional road trip for a Krystal slider, and finding opportunities to better her vegetable and fruit garden.

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