10 Must-Do Science Experiments For Primary Students

by A Guest Author

Young minds are naturally very creative and curious. As a subject, science is full of discoveries and experiments which make it an ideal subject for kids. Science makes sure that it allows the students to learn, explore and discover new things. It is one of the most active subjects because it contains practical activities and experiments. Today, the number of British students who are taking science in high school is going down. This is not a good trend and something needs to be done urgently. It is either a perception the students have that the subject is hard or we as teachers are not playing our role correctly.

We can bring change to all this by making sure that science is made interesting in primary school. There are very many experiments that trigger the student's minds to like the subject more. No one wants to see a country that does not have future scientists and therefore, we should make sure that we teach science in a manner that ignites passion to the students at all times. Here are some of the science experiments that if taught well, will deliver the needed impact on the students because they love them.

1. Experiments on magnetic forces

Children love laying their hands on projects. Demonstrating this experiment can go a very long way in enhancing the student's involvement in class.

2. Experiments on water cycles

You will agree with me that every science class needs a model demonstration or concept. Through this experiment, the student will get a better and clear picture of the whole concept and therefore get a better understanding.

3. Experiments with the bouncing ball

Everything needs a fun side of it. It is very difficult to capture the student's attention in science if all you teach them is serious science. This experiment comes through as very good for this purpose.

4. Plant experiments

These experiments play a very integral role in making students understand better how plants grow which is fundamental in making their interest in plants get better.

5. Gravity experiments

Being one of the fundamentals in life, gravity is a very interesting topic to students. There are numerous classroom projects that that can help students in understanding this topic further.

6. Chemical change experiments

Chemistry when combined with science always has a way of making students find it funny. These experiments are good because they give an opportunity for the students to see a change take place.

7. Water as a gas experiment

This is another experiment which takes the students through how water changes into gas which is again very interesting.

8. Reptile experiments

These are also very exciting experiments and they breed excitement in the class.

9. Seed planting experiments

These on the other hand help students in understanding how plants develop from germination to maturity.

10. Ecosystem experiments

As we are aware, ecosystems are biological environments that contain all living and non living things. These experiments the students teach how the two work together and also how they co-exist.

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