My Technology Gap at College

by A Guest Author

I have never been one of these guys that looks for the latest gadget or phone. I have never even been one of those guys who needs or wants to keep up with the Jones’s. So I have to admit even in my home town I failed to get impressed by the new phones that played YouTube or could load amazing and astonishing apps that seemed to have no real use. The truth is that my little Nokia phone that I have had for five years is still the phone I want.

My Little Nokia phone is able to make phone calls (amazing concept) it also can send texts that I have to type. No need for predictive text for me, as I like to learn to spell and besides some of the words my friends send me in text really surprise me. So this phone is the communication toll I need. What else do I need?

I hear everyone screaming to me now saying Facebook and Twitter. Keep shouting as I have to tell you guys I am not a member of each. I do not need to tell people where I am every five seconds and I really do not care where my “friends” are either. I am sure they will tell me when I next see them; I do not need a running narrative.

Of course I use the internet on my laptop to study and even to relax. I think the internet is an amazing tool, I just do not need to be wired to it 24/7. I can wait a few hours or even logger to read e mails. I can wait for a few hours to see what the latest pop star is doing and who they are sleeping and not sleeping with. To many of my friends this seems to be vital information and seems to be something they cannot live without. The word for that is gossip. Or is it banal?

Most of my friends would call me a little out of touch with the internet world. But I do use it for research for my essay editing and I do use it to read from at night. I hate to admit it but I actually prefer reading on a PC than I do if I am reading a book. Many of my friends would stone me for saying that.

I do not use Skype or Yahoo messenger. I really seem to be someone who, where possible prefers to meet people in the flesh and I like to talk to people who are really there. I suppose my parents are in some way responsible for this. My dad would not even have a computer in the home until a few years ago. That was only used for school work and WORD.

My Nokia does not have an internet connection, but if it did I would never use it. My phone does not tell me where I am and show me a map. I know where I am. My phone does not play MP3 music, but I wish it did. My phone does allow me to make notes for essay editing, and I am so glad it does. My phone is getting very old and soon I will have to replace it with something new. Maybe something about five years old?

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Simon Powell still has his old Nokia. He loves it.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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