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Colleges and universities usually have several professors teaching the same class. The problem that many students face is finding a professor who is appropriate for their learning style, attitude and individual needs. Finding out information about the teacher will help identify the best professor for the next semester of classes.


The older method of finding out information about a professor was often unreliable for many students. Originally, students needed to ask friends, classmates and other students about their opinions. Other students would give answers about whether or not the teacher was good, but might be vague in reasoning or might not give any reason for opinions.

The result of asking other students about teachers is that many students end up taking a professor on the advice of others and find out that the instructor is not appropriate for their methods of learning or personality. Another problem is that some students are not willing to discuss a professor they are currently taking. The students might worry about retaliation if opinions get back to the professor.

While it is still possible to ask other students about teachers, it is no longer the only option available to finding out more information.

Online Websites

Online websites that cater to students, such as or, provide detailed information about different professors at schools around the country. The information provides a star rating on a scale of five and then asks for details about testing, finals, class work and attendance requirements to detail the classroom setting.

After the basic information, student raters will also give details about their opinion and why they felt the star rating was deserved. For example, a student might explain that the professor is an energetic teacher who keeps the class interested, making an otherwise dry subject matter a little easier to understand. This type of detailed information gives a better idea of whether the professor is appropriate for personal learning styles.

Benefits of Online Websites

Students who are using online professor rating websites will find that a few key benefits arise from the evaluation information provided.

The key benefit is having a wide range of opinions from multiple students. The evaluations are not limited to only a few students who are available to answer questions or who will state opinions.

While having several opinions can help, the benefit of reading detailed reports about why a teacher is effective or ineffective is useful to selecting the next professor. Evaluation websites ask for a written statement about why professors are receiving a set star rating. Past students will provide detailed information about ideas like teaching style, strict requirements or methods of testing students. The more detailed information about lectures, teaching and other requirements students face in the class, the easier it is to make a decision.

The anonymity available online makes it easier for students as well. The opinions are factual because students are able to provide an anonymous report on the professor. Students can provide unbiased opinions and detailed reports without consequence if the professor finds out. This helps ensure accurate details about the professor for better decision making abilities.

Selecting a professor for the next semester of school does not necessarily mean taking any professor. With rating websites available online, it is easy to find a wide range of opinions regarding teaching styles, testing and other details that relate to professors. It is easier to make an educated decision with more student opinions.

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