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Spanish is everywhere these days. You'll find it spoken in schools, workplaces, and across all levels of society. Most product manufacturers also print product information in Spanish on their packages. If you are looking for a way to pick up a few Spanish lessons without getting a college degree, here are some ideas.


One way to get some Spanish is to use a tutor. Spanish speakers or students who are studying Spanish are a great place to start. Students, especially, are often looking for ways to make some extra money and the cost of using a tutor is a fraction of what it would be compared to taking an actual Spanish course at a college.


Once you have a little Spanish under your belt and feel like challenging yourself a bit, you can use your computer to improve your language skills for free. Going to Spanish language chat rooms or chatting with Spanish speakers on social media sites is an excellent way to get some real world experience with Spanish as it is spoken today.

Learning Software

Another way you can use your computer to get some Spanish instruction is via programs that can be purchased or downloaded. While not free, these programs are tailored to a wide variety of skill levels, from the most basic to the advanced speaker. They are fun and allow a user to learn at whatever pace feels comfortable. One benefit of these programs is that they have audio recordings that allow the user to hear Spanish spoken correctly.


Even television can assist in those looking to grasp correct pronunciation. Watching Spanish language programs not only helps with understanding, but also lets watchers pick up on the way things are discussed in everyday situations. Spanish cartoons are a good choice for beginners, but the best Spanish lessons are found in the commercials, as they are fairly easy to follow and the actors speak slowly.


Spanish children's books are also great ways to teach simple Spanish phrases and words. They work great because the stories are often endearing and easy to remember. This is also true of Spanish language music. If local over-the-air radio stations do not have any Spanish content, there are multiple online stations that play Spanish music and talk. Music is catchy and is also easy to remember.

If possible, a visit to an area where Spanish is more common than English can't be beat. Being immersed in the language and having to actually think in Spanish helps comprehension immeasurably. Of course, if one's Spanish is still a little weak, it's a good idea to bring along an actual Spanish speaker to avoid getting lost or into some other confusing situation.

Opportunities for learning a little Spanish are all around us, and many cost nothing. It's not necessary to get a degree or live abroad for several years to pick up this ever more widely spoken language. From computers and TV to radio and tutors, there are a lot of ways get simple Spanish lessons.

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