Am I Too Stupid To Be At College?

by A Guest Author

I am now studying economics at college, and this was a subject I absolutely loved when I was back at school in my own little town. I was always at the top of any subject when discussing world economics and was treated very well by the teachers, who always insisted they could see such potential in me.

It was because of their input that I decided to concentrate on economics here at college. I arrived here with everything feeling good. I had my books my confidence and my swagger too. I really felt like the bees knees of a student, as all my teachers back home had told me so. So what could go wrong?  With this level of cleverness I would sail through would I not?

Oh dear. Talk about a slap of reality after just the first class. I looked around at the over twenty or so students who all seemed to come from very rich families and none of them seemed at all worried about the upcoming course. The teacher had discussed what to expect over the next few weeks. After the title of “Introduction”, I began to sink into my chair. I started to panic as I did just not even understand the categories. I now was a small cog in a big watch. Before I was a big cog in a much smaller watch.

To make the situation worse I have not yet been able to make any friends on the course. No one who I can ask a question of, thus I am finding myself sinking further behind all the time. I have even failed to put in my first essay editing requirement, only because I really am at a loss. I now know that the big world is much harder than I had ever expected.

By week three I was spending more time in the library then any of my fellow economic students were doing. I was reading stuff on the internet, and was aware that I was making a mark on my forehead when I was scratching my head harshly out of temper. The temper was all because I could not get some of the facts to sink into my stupid brain.

Week five I had caught up on what everybody else was already comfortable with. I found now that people did not keep their distance from me. I honestly think people were assuming I was a little bit of a dunce, in reality I was just struggling with my own lack of knowledge and oversized ego.

During class today I actually managed to spout out some stuff I had read the previous night online. This went down VERY well with the tutor and some of my classmates who let out a whoop. This at last was the noise that allowed me to finally feel one of the group. I was now equal, but the work that went into that was exhausting, and I had not given enough time to meeting new people. I suppose it is all a question of balance. Is it time for essay editing, or is it time for a few beers? The beers will be getting a little bit more preference over the next few weeks for sure.

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Simon Law is still not that sure that economics is for him.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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