Kick Start a Career Without Job Experience

by A Guest Author

Gathering Job Experience Without A Job

There exists an unfortunate catch 22 when it comes to starting a career off; no one will give you a position without job experience and you cannot gain job experience without a position. So where does one answer the catch 22 and break the cycle? Certainly most do or we would all be stuck in this vicious cycle of applying for jobs we’re under qualified for. Sure there is the option of getting as strong a qualification as possible so that you can walk into a position, but that is happening less and less these days with employers more likely to hire someone based on job experience or work experience over a fancy piece of paper. Here are three considerations that will help break the cycle; soon you’ll be writing your letter of job experience with confidence.

Don't Sit Around Waiting

What do you do with your time as you wait for interviews or even that job you want; waiting around is like wasting money you’ll never be able to repay. Time is a precious resource and sitting around wasting it away isn’t making the best use of it. Find somewhere you can volunteer to make practical and efficient use of your time. It will look good on your resume, not to mention the benefits of free job experience while you do your volunteer work. You may even find you enjoy the work so much that you are given a position on merit. However just because you are working for free, you shouldn’t let people take advantage for you; Europe or London, you’re there to gain valuable job experience, not find out how many sugars the mail runner takes in his coffee.

Back to School

Sometimes, if at first you don’t succeed, try again; by this I mean go back to school. Fine-tune your degree or diploma into something that simply cannot be ignored in an interview. You may not be making money for a few years, in fact you’ll probably be spending it, but at least you’ll gather so much knowledge that you may be able to translate it into something that is the equivalent of job experience. However in this case job experience advantages those with it because they do not need to prove that they can translate the theory of knowledge into the skill of the practical.

Social Butterfly

Your final option may be to just get out there and rub shoulders with the right people. Volunteer for positions and make friends who you may feel will be valuable down the line or attend every business conference that will let you in and communicate as if your life depended on it; that might actually be more accurate that you want. Often you hear the saying, “it’s not what you know but who you know,” and for those not born into job positions it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get out there. While this doesn’t help with opportunities for job experience, it will help you perhaps get that all important first job that will help with that. Job experience may be difficult to earn without a career, but with the right attitude you will pick it up in due time.

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Eugene Calvini has been involved in managed offices long enough to have picked up useful tips and advice suitable for careers; he enjoys sharing these with others.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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