Student Loans Debt Management Guide

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Guide on Managing Your Student Debts for Enjoying a Debt Free Life

On an average, the graduates at present, have over $20,000 as student loan debts. If a masters degree or a doctorate gets added to this, the cost is going to reach that of the near six figures. And if, it is that of law or medical degree, the costs and thus, the debts can increase all the more. Moreover, it is not always possible to pay down the educational debts through debt consolidation. It is one of the debt consolidation blues, which all lenders will not agree to consolidate (private educational loans). In case of the federal ones too, you may not always be eligible for the consolidation options.

Managing your student loan debts

In order to manage your student loan debts, you will be required to do the following:

Try borrowing less – If you have payments to be made on student loans, and if you are low on affordability, it would be better for you to try and borrow less, as much as possible. If you borrow less, you will have the money to be headed towards the student loan debt payments. For, if you borrow more, you will have increased responsibility to pay down the debts.

Plan the payments from the beginning – It would be better to plan the payments on the student loan debts, and other debt you have, from the beginning. This is going to help you keep a proper track of the whole debt payment process. As a result, the situation may never get out of control, and it would seem easier for you to manage the debts. If required, you can also use the debt payment calculator, in order to decide on the payments to be made each month.

Budget in order to lower expenditure – Always follow a budget. This helps you with keeping up the payments, as you can keep a proper track of your expenditure. This even helps you lower the same. As a result, you are left with more free money in hand, which can be used towards student debt payments. Or, if currently, you aren’t required to make the payments on the student loans, you can start saving the money, to be used later.

Make the on-time payments – It is important for you to maintain the payments and that too on time. This is going to help you maintain low debt levels, and thus also manage the payments with ease. If you maintain the time, you may never ever face problems in paying down your student loan debts.

Get the details of the student debt relief programs – There are various types of student debt relief programs. In case of the private student loans, you may have the option to consolidate these. However, in case of the federal loans, there are various programs offered by the lenders. One is the student loan deferment option, where you can consolidate the loans through Direct loan consolidation, and other such options. You can also opt for student debt forgiveness programs.

Talk to lender immediately during crisis – In case of financial crisis, it would be better to talk to the lender. Rather than stressing your mind over the situation, it is better to discuss the situation with the lender. You will have to show interest in making the payments, and also prove that you are in financial hardship. Only then, the lender may agree to offer you some alternative payment options, with regards to your student loans.

Try to get student grants – In case of financial stress, you can start searching for the student grants made available by the government. This is going to help you get the money required, to pay off the student loans.

So, these are some of the options that may help you deal with the student loan debt problems and manage the debts too.

This post was written by A Guest

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Debt Free Teen June 24, 2012 at 9:41 am

Like mentioned above – I have found that staying on a tight budget is essential. It not only saves you money over time, but also keeps you motivated and even see more opportunities to save money.


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