Technology and Online Tools Help Children Learn Better and Reduce Parental Stress in Teaching

by Amarendra

As children become older they become less and less concentrated on learning. According to studies, children now have shorter attention spans and concentration compared to children before. This scenario also makes parents more stressed by teaching their children. It is essential to look for ways that children can become more interested in learning, and ways which will help them learn better, both for their benefit and the benefit of their parents.

Technology may be the perfect way to maintain the interest of children in learning. We must acknowledge that children today are living in a new world were gadgets are considered as basic necessities unlike before, when they had no place in learning. Children have a high level of interest in technology as demonstrated by their birthday and Christmas requests for an iPad or gaming device.

Here are some of the essential tools and gadgets that you can use to help your children learn better, and make your task of helping them to learn easier:

  • CDs and DVDs

More children now are visual learners. They love to see pictures, animations and videos while trying to learn new things. There are various instructional CDs and DVDs out there that you can buy. During your child’s free time, you can let them watch educational programs while you are doing your household chores.

  • Interactive Television

Interactive television allows your children to take part in what they watch. Smaller children are more interested in these types of TV programs. You can let them watch their favorite educational TV shows to help them improve their interaction.

  • Computers

Computers are now one of the best ways for learning. There are various websites that children can use to learn. They have to keep up with technology, so allowing them to use computers for learning is one of the best ways to motivate them to study. They can learn math, English, phonics, science and history from online resources. Some websites also have online quizzes and tests that help evaluate what the children have learned. This keeps children motivated, even when learning at home.

  • Online video games

We have to acknowledge that not all video games are bad for children. There are various online games that help children learn things such as science, physics, tactics and strategy. However, you should always evaluate the game first before letting your child play it. Worthwhile video games allow your children to have an abstract way of learning. You can also use these as a reward mechanism. With worthwhile video games, children can have fun playing without knowing that they are also learning at the same time.

  • Educational apps

If your child has a tablet computer or smartphone, you can install educational apps on their device to replace other apps that are maybe less useful. Several apps now give children a lot of options in learning. Educational apps also allow them to have fun while studying.

  • E-book

Children are also beginning to be exposed to using e-books along with the conventional published books in the library. E-books allow them to read wherever they are just by using their digital device. In addition, e-books allow children to carry several books at a time in a small gadget and means they don’t have to carry heavy loads in their backpacks.

Parents always want the best for their children and that includes the best possible educational background. Employing these technology based educational tools to help your child’s learning can help you motivate your children to learn and discover things on their own in a fun way.

This post was written by Amarendra

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