Learn About the Affordable Care Act Before Election

by A Guest Author

Come on, young Americans, get involved with this year's election.  Read up on key issues that effect you now and in the future.  Most specifically, study the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

Health Insurance  and Young Adults

What you have probably heard about it, is the mandate that allows health coverage for children under their parent's insurance plan until the age of 26.  That sounds great especially for many of you in school or without a job.  Right?  Let's dig a little deeper.

In 2014, you will have to buy more expensive health insurance because more affordable plans, such as catastrophic health insurance, will be unavailable as we know it today. In it's place will be insurance plans with government defined "essential" benefits that includes more coverage and regulations.  These are benefits that you don't need when you are young and healthy, and they will cost more.

Why is the health reform going to restrict you in what you  choose in health care?  Money. Young adults are generally healthy and do not require much more in insurance than a major medical plan.  The Affordable Care Act will force younger and healthier adults to pay more for health insurance (for coverage they don't need) to subsidize the costs of the Affordable Care Act itself.  Yes, young adults will be carrying the burden of this health reform on their backs.  And here you thought that the "rich" Americans were going to foot the bill.  Think again.

Colleges Will Drop Low Cost Health Insurance

Did you know that many colleges are going to drop low cost health insurance policies for their students?  Colleges can no longer offer major medical or catastrophic health insurance to their students.  Now they are required to include more benefits and coverage that college students typically don't need or can afford.  These requirements will cost more and price out many students who already have many financial burdens and loans.

Future Jobs

The very jobs that young adults seek are threatened by the consequences of the Affordable Care Act.  Many employers, small and large, are going to be burdened with new taxes due to this act.  When they are faced with less revenue, employers reduce jobs.  Jobs young people need.

Many employers are going to stop providing health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. Only 23% of companies predict that they will offer insurance in the next decade, down from 57% in 2009.  In doing so they will receive mild penalties from the government but will actually save the company money.  This will shift young Americans into subsidized insurance offered by the government.


The Affordable Care Act is not a good plan for younger Americans.  It's not true health care reform.  It will not drive down medical costs or even contain future spending.  What it will do is limit our choices in insurance, affect our economy and add to the deficit for generations to come.  Read and think about this before the elections in the fall.

About the Author

Jacklyn Owen is a free lance writer who specializes in health insurance.  She is concerned about the Affordable Care Act.


This post was written by A Guest Author

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