What Class Should I Take In Community College To Transfer Easy?

by Chad Agrawal

"What Classes Should I Take In Community College?"

Actually, that's incorrect grammar, but I wrote it anyways because that's what most people end up searching for on google. But, without any further delay, this post will help you when thinking about Which Classes To Take In Community College To Transfer Successfully...

Don't Underestimate Community College!

You might think that community college is going to be some kind of cakewalk where you get a prescribed list of courses and knock them down like dominos, one after the other. Unfortunately, this is not high school.

You are responsible for determining which classes you're going to take, which means you need to pay attention to requirements in order to ensure that you complete the necessary coursework to transfer to your school of choice. And you need to stay on top of prerequisites necessary to get started in your major study once you are accepted into a bachelor's degree program.

Although you will almost certainly have access to a listing of classes that fall under certain headings (as in they qualify for completion of some sort of general education curriculum for transfer), you will still have to choose classes, earn good grades, and check in with admissions offices at schools you're interested in transferring to in order to ensure that you're well prepared when you do move on. Here are just a few tips to help you decide on your classes.

How to Decide Which Courses to Take in Community College

The best place to start is with a visit to your community college advisor. While these advisors may or may not be well-versed in the ins and outs of applying for Ivy League or international schools, they can almost certainly talk to you in some detail about the requirements for gaining admission to colleges and universities within the state since that is where most students are headed. And if they are unable to provide you with any requested information, they at least have the skills and contacts to find it for you so that you don't have to go digging on your own.

If you are looking for information on transferring from community college to university, read more about it in our Community College To Ivy League category.

That being said, it is up to you to ensure that you're prepared for transfer since you're the only one who will suffer if you're not. And while your advisor can definitely provide you with a listing of classes that will meet the requirements for transfer to certain schools (generally state colleges) you may need to obtain further information in order to select your classes wisely.

For example, certain courses may meet multiple requirements while others that qualify for one area may not count in another. So you obviously want to select the course that gives you the widest range of possibilities down the line.

To choose your classes carefully, I suggest reading our post: 9 Tips For Choosing The Right Classes For College

In addition, you might need to have specific credits under your belt in order to gain entry into a particular major program upon transfer. Since you don't want to get to your bachelor's program only to discover that you have to do a semester of prep work before you can begin your major study, it behooves you to find out if there are classes at your community college that will count towards these prerequisites. In short, you will almost certainly need to do some research on your own rather than relying on the information offered by advisors alone, which could be limited by their experience and knowledge.

You don't need a master in strategic management to know that your future is in your hands, so put in the time and effort required to ensure that you take the classes that will give you the most bang for your buck. Community college can offer you the opportunity to advance your education, but only if you take the steps necessary to ensure that your accumulated transferable credits will take you where you want to go.

Making Sure Your Credits Transfer From Community College

After deciding which classes you should take in community college, you'll probably want to confirm a few more things:

  • Will my credits transfer from community college to my desired university?
  • How do I transfer my credits from community college?

These steps aren't too bad. You may want to read the following posts before you register for classes in community college:

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What Classes Should I Take In Community College?

Well, I've said it again...incorrectly. But, it's okay and if you're still with me, you either have not listened to my suggestions (by reading the other helpful posts) or you've read all the posts and you're looking for more information on which classes you should take!

Now, you're ready to learn how to transfer from community college to Ivy League

If you still have any questions, or about a specific course, do leave a comment below. Your best option is to just call the admissions office you're looking to transfer to, but we'll help you any way you can.

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