4 Great Android Apps for Nurse Practitioners

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Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have demanding job roles that involve assessment, diagnostics, treatment and everything in between. Furthermore, many of them work hectic schedules and need to keep track of meetings and other obligations. Here are four apps available on Android devices that can help make their job easier.

The Merck Manual

The Merck Manual is a leading authoritative reference on medical diagnostics. NPs can conveniently access this information on their mobile device. For $50 per year, users can read information on diseases and disorders of all body systems, determine the symptom presentation for various conditions and save the information to their favorites list. The app is frequently updated and the same subscription can be accessed with a computer or mobile web browser. NPs that want to access additional information on their device can upgrade and get subscriptions to The Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms and Davis’ Drug Guide. A yearly subscription to all three references is $80.

Nursing Essentials

NPs need access to quick reference material, especially those that work in emergency and critical care settings. Nursing Essentials by Informed Publishing is available for $7.99 and includes information on intravenous administration of drugs, burn patients, dosage calculations, mental illness and other specific situations. Users can bookmark pages for reference at a later time and add their own notes. NPs in specialized areas of medicine will appreciate dedicated information for specialties including obstetrics, neurology, pediatrics and cardiology. The app includes information regarding emergency insertion of nasogastric tubes, chest tubes and various types of catheters.


MyShiftWork is available for $2.98 and is a useful app for NPs that do not work regular hours. Many individuals in various medical professions work rotating shifts or have other complex schedules. This app can help them easily input their schedule and see changes in advance. Users can input events, vacations, sick days or other important notations. In addition to the diverse functionality, MyShiftWork offers users a visually appealing interface with the ability to color code shifts and add graphics for easier recognition. Most devices and versions of the Android OS allow users to sync information with Google Calendar. NPs that need to share copies of their work schedule with friends, family or coworkers can easily email this information from the app. The app will allow users to input the shift information of another person.

Nurse’s Drug Handbook

The Nurse’s Drug Handbook by McGraw-Hill is a highly regarded reference that provides NPs with easy access to information on both brand name and generic prescription medications. This app is available for $30, and it also provides information beyond what a drug is used for and potential side effects. There is in-depth information on drugs that have FDA warnings and those considered high-risk. Information on drug administration and handling drug reactions are included. Users can search directly for a specific medication or search using key words. The app also facilitates learning about medications by helping users with the pronunciation and spelling of various drugs.

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