Psychology Careers in West Virginia

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West Virginia is the 37th densely inhabited state of U.S and its economy is 62nd economy of the world. Coal is the major resource of this state which adds up greatly to the economy of the state. With a sustained economic prosperity the state has been successful in maintaining its employment level, which is the main reason that has attracted a lot of people from other states to settle in West Virginia.

Similarly, psychology careers in West Virginia are extremely bright due to persistent growth in almost every sector. In the next 4 years there is an expected increase of 12% in the demand of psychologists in the state of West Virginia.  The overall increase of health care professionals is expected to be 24% which is the highest projected growth among all sectors. West Virginia is investing a large share in health care industry in order to improve the overall well being of its constituents. (


West Virginia is a state that has the largest coal deposits in the entire nation. Other mineral deposits in the region are natural gas, oil, limestone, timber, salt clay, and sand. The natural gas deposits are considered to be the sixth highest in the entire nation. With varying natural resources various industries have risen making West Virginia as America’s largest interstate exporter of energy. This coal will remain as a major provider of energy in the region which supports industrial production of steel and chemical. The fact that out of the fifty states of the nation West Virginia only has 48th highest income results in various social issues for instance, excessive consumption of alcohol and substance abuse. The state also has to invest in improving human resource department of various industries for their constant growth. Engineering, industrial-organizational and health psychologists could play a gigantic role in making a difference in the existing systems of several industries. Counselors, behavioral psychologists and school guidance counselors could possibly help improve current conditions as well as try to make West Virginia a more progressive state in the future.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree: People who have earned a graduate degree could take the initial step by applying in one of the growing industries of West Virginia, such as health care, coal, pharmaceuticals and education. It is the home to 95th best university of the world; therefore, the chances of employment for well educated individuals are more in educational institutes.

Master’s Degree: One can earn a master’s degree in educational concentration to qualify as a therapist. On the other hand, counseling can also be learned at master’s level through a specialized degree that makes one eligible for employment. Master’s in substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling is also a tremendous option in which basic psychological principles and concepts are combined with health care training in order to perform as a substance abuse or behavioral disorder counselor. Another popular program is masters in addiction counseling in which various subjects of psychological practices such as, family therapy, social work and counseling are learned. In order to become a mental health counselor one must have a masters in a specific field of psychology.  A minimum masters’ qualification in rehabilitation counseling is necessary to serve in Wisconsin professionally as to understand the functional aspects of disabilities and their medical and psychosocial impact on individuals.

PhD Degree: Clinical, counseling, and school psychologists should earn a PhD before they take a giant leap to select their career in a particular sub-field of psychology. As it is the highest degree among all, therefore, chances of success become evident.

License Requirements

Master’s Licensure: The licensure requirement for a master’s degree holder in this field requires that one works professionally under a licensed therapist for a time period of 5 years. They must pass the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology in the first year of their supervised practice and also clear the oral exam as well. They must complete their education from an accredited institute.

PhD Licensure: For those individuals who have attained a doctorate degree in psychiatric care must pass the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology with at least a five hundred or higher marks. They must complete one year practice under supervision and clear the oral exam. Their program of study has to be approved by the American Psychological Association.

Education Counselor Licensure: An educational psychologist should complete at least a master’s degree from an accredited institute and have three years of supervised practicing experience. They must attain a passing score of 165 in the National School Psychologist Test given by the National Association of School Psychologists and must pass the oral examination as well.

Career Opportunities

Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists: The economic downturn is the result of global and social issues which has created social turmoil and hence increased the demand for therapists. There is predicted 0.2% increase in the employment of clinical, counseling, and school psychologists. Various forms of educational, vocational, and school counselors’ employment opportunities are increasing at the rate of 0.8%.

Behavioral and Mental Health Psychologists: The predicted rise in employment for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors is 0.8% in the next four years. The demand for mental health counselors is predicted to be 1.1%. Rehabilitation counselors’ expected employment is 0.4% and for child family social workers the employment opportunities will rise by 0.1%. (

Salary Outlook

In West Virginia the average earning of a psychologist is $67,000 annually, as reported in 2012. (

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