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It’s no secret that the costs of higher education are rising. For the 2013-14 school year, the average cost of living on campus and going to an In-State school is estimated to be just under $23,000. For a four-year private school, the cost will be just under $45,000. Beginning in 2003, the increase in college tuition and fees for a four-year education has outpaced inflation by anywhere from 0.5% to […]

There are probably few people who doubt the impact that higher learning has upon earning potential. Over a lifetime, a 4 year college graduate earns an average of $1 million more than a high school graduate. For this reason, college has become extremely expensive and getting adequate financing can be a tough road to tread. There are essentially 4 separate types of loans designed to help people pay for their […]

In this tech-driven world, engineers are in high demand. They are the brains behind the latest gadgets, the massive construction projects, the most sophisticated software, and the public utilities that we depend on every day. Studies showed that the field suffered least compared to other occupations when the economy turned sour during the latter part of the last decade. Simply put, engineers are too vital to let go. They enjoy […]

Being a college student means a lot of responsibilities to your finances. They think it’s cool to manage your own money, however all in all you are doing some mistakes and many organizations use this fact, as the way to steal money out of you, when you don’t even know about it. To not make this happen, you should be aware of possible “dangers” and stay away from them in […]

The cost of education continues to escalate, seemingly unmindful of the state of the economy. Most students who wish to attend a university cannot do so due to financial concerns. Instead, they have to be creative in their approach. One of the options is to enroll in a community college before making the big jump to a state or private university. This lets students get some credits at a much […]

With 4-year university attendance fees increasing, more and more price conscious students are choosing to obtain their general education at cheaper 2-year colleges, prior to transferring to study a bachelor’s degree somewhere else. There are several advantages to following this unconventional path. As well as the cash savings transfer students make by going to a community college, they receive a leg up in the job market once they have their […]

Students have to put up with many issues while at university, from the task of constantly choosing between finishing that research paper or getting even the minimum of a good night’s sleep, to the fact that many have little money to their name. Another thing that is the bane of many students’ lives is debt, which can follow them around as a dark cloud over their heads. In some cases, […]

    It can be easy to think that you are too young to be worrying about making investments for the future. However, there are some distinct advantages in starting at a young age with certain types of investment. Some of them are discussed below.   Life Insurance   Life insurance will secure your family and any dependents by paying out a lump sum or a monthly income when you […]

If you tried to find out the average community college debt, you would probably have a hard time finding a solid statistic. Most major educational resources provide averages on student loans, debt, etc. However, they do not offer much information on 2-year community colleges. Why not? Community colleges are so cost effective that many students are able to pay their way through school. In many cases, community college foundations help […]

Winning community college scholarships are a great way to start off a community college career. With the cost of bachelor degree programs consistently rising, community colleges are becoming a popular alternative… And so are community college scholarships. More and more community colleges scholarships are increasing in quantity every year. So there is a lot more opportunity to win scholarships for community college students, but there is more competition at community […]

Students with learning or other disabilities often face an uphill battle when it comes to functioning in “normal” society. Although they are just like everyone else, with both strengths and weaknesses, they are likely to face greater challenges because of their disabilities, whether from physical, mental, or emotional differences. And they may deal with difficulties on a variety of planes. Those that are physically impaired may encounter very real barriers […]

The idea of going to community college can be a daunting one. Many students focus on their grades with the hopes that this alone will propel them towards their dreams of transferring from community college to university. However, just beginning to attend community college can be stressful too, especially when you look at the financial burden that can be generated. Thankfully, there are literally thousands of community college scholarships available […]

Going to community college and earning a degree is one of the best ways for anyone to get ahead in the world.  It’s a commonly held belief that college graduates typically make more money, and some believe that these same individuals live a happier lifestyle.  The cost of 2 years at community college and another 2 at university education can be overwhelming, but scholarships are available to help with the […]

There are many myths floating around the internet regarding the admission process. Regardless of whether you apply to college, law, medical or graduate school or an MBA program, there are bound to be myths. Myths about particular programs, about particular school’s admission policies or the admission process as a whole. Whether you get it from forums, social media, specific blogs or websites, these myths are still precisely that – myths, […]

Everyone agrees that a college education will reap benefits for a lifetime. The real problem arises when finding the money to pay for it. The annual cost of a 4-year college can range anywhere from $15,000 at a public institution to $30,000 and upward at a private school. Here are some of the ways a student can find the funding to pay for a college degree: Scholarships  
 One of […]

Increase Your Chances of Winning Scholarships

Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for college. You can be awarded tuition money, or money to pay for other college expenses, that you won’t have to pay back. Scholarships are ideal because you’ll be able to focus on your studies, rather than try to work part time, and you won’t have to worry about paying back loans. But how do you land scholarships? With so many […]

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Can You Pay For College In No Essay Scholarships?

When it comes to easy financial aid options, you can’t get much easier than no essay scholarships. As the name implies, these scholarships require no essay whatsoever. All you have to do is fill out some basic information about yourself and your school, and you could win a decent chunk of change to pay for your degree. Could you pay for the whole thing with no essay scholarships? Eh, that’s […]

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4 Teen Travel Scholarships and Grants

Spending time in other countries can be an invaluable experience for teens and young adults. Travel abroad takes them out of their daily routines and mental comfort zones. It can also open them up to different points of view and increase their self-reliance. Many young people and their families do not have the financial resources for extensive travel, so several different organizations offer travel grants to teens. Each of these […]

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Paying for Community College in Duct Tape

If duct tape is supposed to fix anything, why couldn’t it fix your community college tuition cost? Sure, it sounds like a stretch, but it is actually feasible if you have the right scholarship to apply for. For those of you who haven’t caught on yet, I’m talking about the Stuck at Prom Scholarship, sponsored by Duck Brand. It’s an annual contest that pays high school students up to $5,000 […]

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How Students Can Find Free Scholarships and Grants for Community College

When it comes to seeking higher education, not everyone can afford a four-year public or private university right after high school. Community colleges offer an affordable opportunity to get some coursework under a student’s belt while also saving money. Even though community college may cost a fraction of a four-year school, it can be possible to save even more money by securing scholarships or grants.   Community colleges allow students to […]

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