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I have really enjoyed the relationships I’ve been building, helping my customers long after they have bought my transfer guide and even longer after they have already been accepted into top universities. Furthermore, I sometimes like to post questions that I think would help other people and it seems like others like it so here was another good one. This customer emailed me a day or so after buying my […]

One of my customers, I’ll call him John for the purpose of this post, purchased my community college guide about two years ago. Today, he has been successfully accepted into two great universities as a transfer student. Although he was at a 4-year college (not a community college), John bought my eBooks and had been emailing me questions all throughout his college experience. I was very proud when he told […]

Here’s another question that I get from time to time. Recently, a customer of my eBook, asked me about transferring out now or later since he had been accepted into 2 very good universities. I’ll share a bit of information I shared with him here. Having skyped with this customer after his purchase, I quickly learned that he was very similar to me – had the capability but didn’t apply […]

When you first decide to transfer from a college course in languages to a University program, you have to go through the same process as you would if you transferred from any other program. Students apply to the transfer university with transcripts of their grades in the previous year or two years of study. If their grades are good enough, they can continue their studies at university. Students need to […]

Community colleges have been celebrated for creating an affordable learning environment open to more students as well as employing more professors, administrators and other staff in local economies. But junior colleges have also been chastised for allowing many students to drop in and out of classes for several years without ever achieving a degree or transferring to a university. But according to a recent article in the New York Times, […]

College transfer invites a bevy of new and beneficial life experiences.  Scores of younger women augment college life by joining a sorority, an extended family of sisterhood.  Moreover, sororities are not immediate on-campus clubs.  Membership and acceptance lasts a lifetime, affording members a number of benefits. Read why so many consider sorority membership each semester.  Is sorority life right for you?  The following benefits can’t hurt. Charity Charity work is […]

Community college tends to have a bad reputation. Even NBC created a sitcom chronicling every negative stereotype people think of when the words “community” and “college” are put together. However, attending community college might be the wisest decision you will ever make. Admission counselors at 4-year colleges are inundated with thousands of applicants from high school seniors who have similar characteristics, essays, and SAT scores. It is difficult to make […]

Being a college student is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life. This is the time to explore, meet new friends and learn about things that you are truly passionate about. If for one reason or another you will need to transfer colleges, you will most probably experience some challenges. Apart from having to adjust to a new environment and new people, you are going to have […]

According to the Center for Post secondary and Economic Success (CLASP), the number of uninsured people aged between 18 and 34 years is almost double that of people aged over 35 years. The problem is most of these young adults tend to be students in college or university. The lack of coverage can make it hard for a student to access treatment in the event of an emergency. However, there […]

When attending college, a student may discover that the programs offered in the university do not go in line with his or her career path. In such cases, one can decide to transfer to another university that meets his or her preferences. This is known as an academic transfer. When transferring to a new university, the credits earned from the courses one has completed are transferred too. The whole process […]

Regardless of where you’re studying, community college is an experience abundant with opportunities. Every day is a surprise regarding who you’ll meet or bump into, what you’ll learn and what connections, recreational or professional, you might find yourself making. With professors flooding emails, friends blowing up phones and class starting in five minutes, it’s important to keep these five items close by to better take advantage of every moment in […]

In this tech-driven world, engineers are in high demand. They are the brains behind the latest gadgets, the massive construction projects, the most sophisticated software, and the public utilities that we depend on every day. Studies showed that the field suffered least compared to other occupations when the economy turned sour during the latter part of the last decade. Simply put, engineers are too vital to let go. They enjoy […]

As students shift from high school into college, there are big changes in the classes and expectations. College classes take a lot more self-discipline to stay on top of assignments and turn things in on time because attendance is not always required and there aren’t often reminders of due dates. One of the biggest changes is working with others. The real world entails a lot of collaborative work, so professors […]

Starting college is an exciting adventure. When you are prepared with some safety tips, college can be a wonderful experience. Locks Are An Essential Part Of College Life When you are away at school, locks should be a part of your overall safety plan. This is a topic you may not have thought about before. If locks are to be effective, you need to know they are in working condition, […]

There are two ways that students can go about completing their career in nursing. First, students can choose to enroll in a community college, complete the first part of the nursing program and transfer into a college degree — and second, students can enroll in the college degree program from the beginning. With each method, there are benefits and drawbacks — and questions to ask about the education. Are you […]

Do Culinary School Credits Transfer to Other Schools?

If you’re wondering whether culinary school credits can transfer to another institution, the most straightforward answer is that it depends. That might not be the straightforward answer you were hoping for, but the truth is, every culinary school and 4-year university has different standards when it comes to handling transfer credits, and a lot of them look at transfer credits on a case-by-case basis. There are, however, some common situations […]

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Tips to Help College Students Manage Finances Right

Being a college student means a lot of responsibilities to your finances. They think it’s cool to manage your own money, however all in all you are doing some mistakes and many organizations use this fact, as the way to steal money out of you, when you don’t even know about it. To not make this happen, you should be aware of possible “dangers” and stay away from them in […]

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Tips For Playing A Sport In College

Playing a sport in college can be a great way to earn a scholarship, make friends, stay competitive, and stay in great physical shape. While playing a sport while you are in school can be a great idea, getting a position on a collegiate sports team can be very competitive. For those people that are looking to transfer from a community college, it can be even more challenging as they […]

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Tips For Transferring to an International University

College is a time of greater education and wonderful experiences; it is a time to broaden your horizons. One of the best ways to do this is to venture abroad by either studying abroad or transferring to an international university. This can be a very exciting experience, but can also be overwhelming. When planning to transfer abroad it’s important plan ahead and keep a few tips in the back of […]

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Transfer Tips For Engineering Students

The cost of education continues to escalate, seemingly unmindful of the state of the economy. Most students who wish to attend a university cannot do so due to financial concerns. Instead, they have to be creative in their approach. One of the options is to enroll in a community college before making the big jump to a state or private university. This lets students get some credits at a much […]

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