Community college tends to have a bad reputation. Even NBC created a sitcom chronicling every negative stereotype people think of when the words “community” and “college” are put together. However, attending community college might be the wisest decision you will ever make. Admission counselors at 4-year colleges are inundated with thousands of applicants from high school seniors who have similar characteristics, essays, and SAT scores. It is difficult to make […]

There are probably few people who doubt the impact that higher learning has upon earning potential. Over a lifetime, a 4 year college graduate earns an average of $1 million more than a high school graduate. For this reason, college has become extremely expensive and getting adequate financing can be a tough road to tread. There are essentially 4 separate types of loans designed to help people pay for their […]

  Are you thinking about transferring from your community college to another university so that you can join the music department? Many community colleges do not have music departments, or have limited concentrations. This can effect you whether your interest is piano, trumpet, or something completely different. Starting off at community college to get your general education classes out of the way is a great idea that cuts down the […]

As a huge community college advocate, it just makes sense to me. If you’re going into criminal justice, why not earn your associates degree in community college, then transfer to Ivy League, tier 1 or any other university you want. Most people will say that community college sucks and transferring is too difficult. However, that’s simply not true. Earning your associates degree and transferring from community college can be an […]

This past week, I was speaking to a family friend who was saying they would like to get a Pain Management certification. She is an RN and needs some credit hours for work. I asked her where she was taking the course, and she said,”somewhere in the city.” Now, I live near New York City and visit a lot (especially since I transferred to NYU from community college), but the […]

Online Learning is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional on campus learning. In fact according to the Sloan Consortium and Babson Research Group’s survey, over 5.6 million students were taking at least one online college course during the fall 2009 term; an increase of nearly one million students over the number reported the previous year. Of course this growing trend is not surprising given all the benefits that can come […]

You’ve already heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, written by American businessman and author Stephen R. Covey, but what about the book on study habits? Although it is not a book, this post will give you the best tools for one of the most tedious tasks students face: studying. Staying organized in the face of multiple school projects, assignments and exams is one of the easiest of […]

The ability to go to college is important for every individual. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to get a degree, as many individuals are forced to begin working a full-time job immediately out of high school. Unfortunately, this leaves precious little time for getting an education. In addition, it often eliminates the possibility of attending traditional classes on campus entirely, as it may be impossible to juggle […]

This article is designed to prepare students for college, so that they know how to manage their time wisely. It can be challenging for college freshmen to figure out how to schedule their days so that they can complete assignments without burning out quickly from all the pressure and responsibilities placed on them. By letting them know how they can prepare, they will be more successful and prepared for entering […]

There are many good reasons why you might choose to transfer to a different college. Some students transfer for academic reasons, such as transferring from a community college to an Ivy League university or transferring to a school that offers a specialized degree program. Financial considerations and family obligations are other good reasons to transfer to university. Other students transfer from community college after obtaining their associates degree and desire […]

Community college no longer has the negative stigma that once surrounded it. Today’s community colleges attract the highest caliber professors, and students utilize the flexibility and affordability of these programs to achieve goals that otherwise would have been impossible. Community college can act as the first step in an extensive secondary education, with two-year programs leading to a bachelor’s program at another university, and then on to master’s and even […]

There seem to be two main types of students: those that are interested in technical pursuits that fall under the headings of math and science and those that prefer more creative subjects like language, music, and art, for example. Although there are a rare few that are equally strong with both left- and right-brain functions, the vast majority of students tend to veer towards one side of the spectrum or […]

One of the main benefits of attending community college is that it allows students that might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college to complete their general education units and transfer to a four-year school in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree. By following the right steps, you can even transfer from community college to Ivy League! Whether this is because students can save so much money during their […]

Community college transfer students have always struggled to meet the requirements of their schooling, from penning thoughtful and illuminating essays to completing complex equations to memorizing words and phrases in other languages. But along the way, all kinds of useful supplies and gadgets have surfaced to help academics more easily achieve their educational pursuits. While generations past may have used an abacus, a typewriter, or other antiquated tools to get […]

Many students find themselves ill-prepared for the college experience. In some ways it is much nicer than high school; you get to choose your class schedule and often you spend far less time in class (although probably more time on studying if you’re doing it right). On the other hand, you take on the responsibility for getting yourself to class and getting your work done; no more mom to roll […]

How Community College Classes Prepare You for University Classes

There seems to be a common misconception amongst the college-bound that community college courses are somehow not as serious as the classes offered by their 4-year brethren. Perhaps this has something to do with the assumed association between cost and quality, or maybe it’s because community colleges offer only associate’s degrees and certification programs rather than baccalaureate diplomas. But the truth is that you’ll get a relatively equal education in […]

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Going To Community College? Eliminate Distractions To Study Better

Going to community college is your chance to study better. Aside from the super-secret, awesome, helpful methods we share to become a top student at community college, one of the best ways to study better is simply by eliminating the distractions. And if you don’t have the will power to do it all by yourself, I have included some tools to help you along with way! Minimizing Online Distractions When […]

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Austin Community College: 5 Killer Tips to Stay on Track

Austin Community College has many great benefits to offer you and is a great route to take when first picking a place to start your higher education.  It allows you to save some serious cash while still being able to take the necessary classes need to transfer to a four-year university and complete your degree.  However, if you don’t stay focused on your goal and desired timeline, it is easy […]

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Does Greek Life Exist in Community College?

While the main reason to attend college is of course academic, most students won’t hesitate to tell you that they’re most excited about the prospect of socializing and making new friends (without the watchful eyes of their parents tracking their every move and enforcing a strict curfew). The feeling of freedom that comes with making one’s own decisions can definitely be empowering, but students that aren’t careful can take their […]

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How to Find Cheap Community College Textbooks (And Save Hundreds of $$$)

Cheap community college textbooks are hard to find. Aside from tuition, textbooks can be the biggest expense associated with attending community college (unless you count the cost of in a dorm or off campus apartment). In any case, paying full price could set you back several hundred dollars per semester (or even per class) when all is said and done, especially if you’re taking quite a few credits or you […]

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